What We Collect

White & Colored Office Paper
Magazines & Catalogs
Corrugated Cardboard
Junk Mail

Plastic Bottles & Jugs (#1 & #2 only)
   caps removed)      
Styrofoam / Polystyrene

Glass Jars & Bottles (colorless only)

Steel Tin Cans
Any Metal Pieces

Used Automobile Batteries
Used Motor Oil
Household batteries

Special containers for collecting bottles and cans during special events are available to borrow. We have a paper shredder that is available for your convenience. Call us if you'd like more information.

Phone: 231.796.9872 / 231.679.2665

Address: 424 N. 4th Ave, Big Rapids, MI 49307

     Welome to the information station for Recycle of Mecosta County located at 424 N. 4th Street, Big Rapids, Mi. This site is the source for our hours of operation, a listing of the materials we collect, and any bulletins regarding recycling events happening throughout the year.

A Fun Place to Volunteer!!
We're always recruiting happy people to volunteer and work at the center. You pick when you can come. If interested, stop by or give us a call.

Local Businesses
We offer a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pick-up service where for a reasonable fee, we'll come and pick up your recyclables. Why not join the many local groups and businesses for scheduled pick-up of recyclable materials?

Environmental Impact
In 2017 Recycle of Mecosta County saved 480 tons of paper products. Here's what that means environmentally:

Click any photo below for a larger pic of activity at the Center:

Recycle of Mecosta County
424 N. Fourth Avenue, Big Rapids, Michigan 49307 (231) 796-9872     (231) 679-2665